This Sunday there will be a contest between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots. Although the seemingly symbiotic relationship between Bill Belichik and Tom Brady is a wonderful thing; I grew up in Georgia and so I have an affinity for the Falcons. I would also give Matt Ryan a decent amount of kudos for his way of finding so many different receivers. I will be eating buffalo wings and watching Matt Ryan and the Falcons win this Super Bowl. It will be a great contest. 

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Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States. Liberals will just have to get over that fact. Like the interim DNC Chair, Ralph Ellison said, democrats need to go back to what made them successful in 2008. Unfortunately, Donald Trump made that hope and change argument to the American people. Democrats are scratching their heads in disbelief but what they need to be doing is knocking on doors and reaching out to rural America with a POSITIVE message, something like-We want to work with the president-this current message-“He’s not my president” a la John Lewis is not working at all. As a republican, I hope democrats keep this present message, it’s not working and it will ensure a second republican term. Possibly a third. Wouldn’t that be nice? He’s OUR president. 

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Looks Like I Will Need A Pacemaker

Note to self: “If I’m feeling tired, listless and fatigued, it’s probably not just the laziness of being retired.” On a whim, I decided to see a cardiologist about some episodes I was having and extreme fatigue. Cause? Low heart rate or Bradycardia. Bradycardia is found in many people and some extreme athletes. As much as I would like to be seen in the latter category, I have it because of a heart condition. It was explained this way: (over simplified) People have two electrical pathways on the heart called Left and Right Bundle Branches. They stimulate the heart through electrical impulses causing it to beat. I have a Condition called Left Bundle Branch Block, and so the Right Bundle is doing all the work. The Right Bundle seems to be getting tired, when that goes, well, let’s just say, I will need to walk towards the white light.  The cardiologist wants to see me in a bad way so I need to stay healthy until I do. I’ll keep you posted…

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Peace In Syria? Yes, without U.S.

The reason we have failed in American foreign policy is because of timid use of force. Use just enough force as is necessary to humiliate your enemy to withdrawal. Basically, a bully strategy. The downside here is that the enemy may not be intimidated and will fight back. This has happened in Syria, where the Obama-Kerry diplomacy resembled more of a “paper tiger” bully than a superpower worthy of respect. The resulting vacuum has been filled by our frenemies-Iran, Turkey and Russia. They plan to meet in Kazakhstan for talks WITHOUT us. A first in US foreign policy history. This will be one major part of Barack Obama’s legacy. Peace in the world; a weak, bully America need not apply. 

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This year started with several untimely deaths of some great people-David Bowie, Glenn Fry, John Glenn and Gwen Ifill who I used to watch on PBS Newshour for years, among others.

it heralded a TV personality running for president who announced six months earlier to the jeers of the press and many others. The Cubs won the World Series, a feat that some people lived their whole lives and never saw, and others believed would bring in the last days of apocalypse. This year saw a self-proclaimed Socialist pack out stadiums of adoring fans in a bid for the Democratic nominee for president. And now, nearest to my heart, Army beat Navy after the Navy Midshipmen have won for 15 years. The last time the Black Knights saw any light was 2001. Of course, as a US Marine, I have to root for Navy since the Marine Corps is a department of the Navy. 

Donald Trump became the Republican nominee for the Presidency of the United States and went on to win the general election against Hillary Clinton who was running for the second and last time as she is pushing 70 years old. And this is another first, Donald Trump, at 70 years old, will be the oldest president in American history just edging past Ronald Reagan by one year. Good luck, President-elect Trump. The Chicago Cubs won and erased the curse of the goat and the Navy Midshipmen mascot, Bill the Goat lost. Dead musical greats, two goats and a reality show star as president. It’s going to be tough to top this year. One wonders what next year will bring.

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James “Mad Dog” Mattis is a great leader and damn fine Marine. But this man is a blunt tool one throws at the enemy, not a man one wants in a position of diplomacy. There is a reason why the Secretary of Defense is a position usually held by a civilian because it requires tact. This is one trait that I think is lost on a man who is known to say that one needs to be professional and polite but have a plan to kill everyone you meet. Not quite the face a government wants on the other side of a tense and fragile negotiation. Mattis is a man best suited on the ground with his fellow Marines fighting terrorists. He should be the point of the spear, not warming a seat behind a desk. 

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It would seem that the so-called “Main Stream Media” is in a tissy like a 40-something man in a mid-life crisis going out and buying a Harley Davidson motorcycle when he’s never ridden anything more than a bicycle. The man then gets weepy when none of the 1 percenters pays attention to him at Sturgis. Trump is the 1%’er here and he doesn’t need to pay attention to a liberal, weeny, whiny media who need safe spaces and coloring books in order to make sense of a major Worldwide paradigm shift to the right. Donald Trump is essentially that one guy who gets up on an empty dance floor before the rest of the club follows suit. One just needs to pay attention to the political scene in France to see this monumental change. Who could have predicted that an extreme right wing, Marie Le Pen would have gotten the traction she has in a socialist country? The liberals of the world who want to love one another and want to give peace a chance are being taken advantage of by the bad people of the world who will kill them for no other reason than because of who they are. News Flash, just because you love someone, doesn’t mean they will not kill you; you just make it easier for them. The media got the whole phenomenon of Donald Trump wrong not because they’re stupid, it’s because they are in a bubble of denial and elitism. This is class warfare at its finest and most disturbing. Disturbing because I knew there was a liberal bias but I had NO IDEA it was as pervasive as it seems to be. This is what happens when liberal universities are allowed to flourish. I don’t think for a minute that liberalism is dead, no we need a dose of liberal thinking to round out an argument for a healthy society. But to have this thinking as the ONLY form of opinion in this country? That is dangerous, and it took a bombastic, loud mouthed, blue-collar Billionaire to point it out.

Liberal news is DOA at the Emergency Room. For all those kids on YouTube with their own channels, the time is now to make your own news source. Today is 1945 and the world is ready for a CBS, ABC or CNN. The fact is that over 60% of millenials can’t tell the difference between Fake News and Real News. The time is now to show them the difference. 

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Interesting how much a difference a presidential win makes. Poor Paul Ryan and the Washington elite who have been totally detached from the hurting middle class of America. One would think they would have learned something from the 2014 midterm elections. Donald Trump certainly learned from it because he announced his candidacy shortly after, he knew it was time to tap into that middle class anger that had been brewing since Ross Perot ran for office. Perot tapped into the dissatisfaction with Washington but couldn’t hang onto it and then the people simmered for years. By 2014, the people had had enough, we were tired of the politically correct culture narrative perpetrated by the left. Throw in some tepid foreign policy, several Islamic terrorist attacks, a war on cops, a raging racial divide exacerbated by a progressive agenda and a sympathetic media and we reached our boiling point. It took a non-politician to gauge this anger and the Donald tapped into it brilliantly by being what many people called a “blue-collar billionaire”, “the ultimate outsider”, an us versus them narrative not unlike the anger during many times in history, namely, the French Revolutuon and more recently, the late 1960’s Civil Rights. Donald Trump may become the “white Martin Luther King” if he succeeds in bridging this huge divide in our society. Just like many black folks have a picture of Martin Luther King on the wall, many rural white folks have a picture of Donald Trump-not because they are anti-black America but because they are pro-white America. The left has projected a white guilt that me as a Hispanic has seen all too well. Rural whites are tired of being told how to think at the same level that city brown folks are tired of being told how to vote. Every cycle city brown folks came out to vote representing and everytime they would see that the left leaning politicians went back to Washington and  abandoned them. 

Politicians are all about survival and they will do anything to keep their jobs. Even debasing themselves on national television. Paul Ryan went from being  a choirboy who just couldn’t stand a little bit of foul language to suddenly being a cheerleader with a little Trump dress and Pompoms. I was almost about to puke watching Paul Ryan on TV effusively throwing out his support for the president-elect as if he had always done so and not just jumping on the Trump train Tuesday night. I was for Trump way back when being for Trump wasn’t cool. I got  hateful tweets from Hillary and Bernie supporters all the time. And some are STILL coming in-the worst comparing 2016 USA to 1933 Germany. Apparently, those same supporters can be found looting and rioting in the streets of our nation just to go home and bottom feed off of the very protections our nation provides. I hope they are glad in some deep area inside their hearts that they are not in Russia or some third world despotic nation where such outbursts can be considered capital crimes. 

I am sure The Donald knows how to work a guy like Paul Ryan and all the rest of the Washington elite who worked tirelessly against the now president-elect. He will lead them by the nose just like he led the Liberal Media, MSM or whatever you want to call them. Just throw them a little red meat and they will crawl all over themselves to be the first to report it. He worked the media because he knows all about what buttons to push. He IS the media and has watched it grow for 30 years. The MSM still has a case of the red rash from where Donald used them.  The MSM needs to go to their safe space and show their grief counselor on a teddy bear where the mean Donald touched them. They are coming around as that rash heals. Paul Ryan is like a kid in a candy store now, he has a clear windowed showroom full of GOP agenda ideas just waiting to be test driven by a salivating Republican House and Senate. 

I would caution Donald to tread carefully with this new crop of sparkle-eyed zealots wagging their tails feverishly at his feet, who until recently were distancing themselves from him as soon as just seven days ago. “But that’s all in the past.” Says Ryan when questioned about his sudden new found loyalty. Yes, it’s in the past, but like the saying goes-“Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.” Donald, he was against you and now he’s your most fervent disciple. Careful how you use him and the other tail wagging, zealous, salivating, boot lickers. It’s all about survival and I hope he can keep it all together until the next midterms in two years. Love him or hate him, The Donald will be under a closer scrutiny than Obama, I just hope he can bridge the gap between the political class and the middle class. 

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HILLARY CLINTON, Death of a Candidate

Hillary Clinton became a public figure, I assume, with good intentions and lofty goals. But as we have seen in this contentious election of 2016, the layers of corruption and deceit were peeled away like an onion for all to see. And when the American people were asked to demonstrate their democratic rights, we roared and a sleeping giant was awakened and this genie will be very hard, if not impossible to put back into the bottle. 

I saw Hillary Clinton’s concession speech and it was a great, moving speech not unlike Arthur Miller’s main character’s soliloquy in “Death of a Salesman”. I saw parallels between Hillary and the flawed, touching character in the play, Willy Loman. We find out ,in the play, that there is a very good reason why Willy became a salesman. He tells us that he chose such an existence because he wished to emulate the life of an old salesman he knew, Dave Singleman, who was, to repeat the crucial phrase, “remembered and loved and helped by so many different people.” Willy continues, “In those days there was personality in it…. There was respect, and comradeship, and gratitude in it.” 

Hillary’s speech had all the hallmarks of a major dramatic play, the loser of a war falls on her sword while speaking to her army of true believers who are crying while she bleeds to death onto her words of sadness, self destruction and even hope for the future. She channels her own Evita Peron, with a “don’t cry for me Argentina”, bend to her lovely words. It was touching, dramatic, hushed, loud when it needed to be and self immolating where she wanted it. She exuded class and a stoicism that would have impressed Socrates.  I am convinced this is the one speech she wrote herself and didn’t have to wash through her largest donors and minders. If only she could have written all of her own speeches, this election might have turned out differently. Hillary is going to go where most septogenarian losers of hard, contentious, nasty political campaigns go-into oblivion and sometimes resurrected in a single paragraph article on page 18 just under the ad for adult diapers. 

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Same Day, Same Poll, Different Results

Fox News keeps sending out these poll windows on their shows without really checking over the wording. As I saw the pictures show it, these polls are exactly the same and yet they showed different results. Apparently, Fox News has no one in the editing room or perhaps they hire volunteer interns from local universities who are texting their friends instead of concentrating on the job. To be fair, the picture I saw showing Clinton ahead was supposed to be Philadelphia but was presented as Nevada. So if someone in Nevada saw this broadcast and was only paying  half attention like the editors at Fox News, they would be very confused indeed. 

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